20-22 | 10 | 2017

20-22 | 10 | 2017

First guests:

Wojciech Cejrowski

One of the most famous Polish travelers. Radio journalist and television personality. Writer and publicist. Many adored for their charisma and amazing storytelling style. At the World Travel Show, Wojtek will tell about his expeditions, meet fans and distribute autographs.

Aleksander Doba

“A Traveler of the Year 2015” in the National Geographic plebiscite, kayak and author of bestselling books. An extremely determined man who does not hesitate to take even the toughest challenges. And that’s what millions of people love. As the first man in history, he alone sailed the Atlantic Ocean kayak from continent to continent (from Africa to South America) solely by muscular strength.

Nela Mała Reporterka

A young traveler, author of children’s books, a reporter and a TV star. When as a nine-year-old began her adventure with television was probably the youngest reporter in the world. The girl has already visited: Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Kenya and Mauritius.

Bartek Jędrzejak

One of the most popular weather presenter, journalist and conferencer. For years connected with television. He is currently the weather presenter on TVN TV and co-operates with one of the most popular breakfast program, Dzien Dobry TVN.

Simon Radzimierski

Simon Radzimierski is a 10-year-old adventurer. He travels all his life. He had his first trip at only 4 months when his parents took him to Tunisia. He has more than 20 long journeys – to Argentina, Indonesia, Thailand and many other countries.

Małgorzata Szumska

Writer, traveler, yoga teacher and life coach. 


The man who knows exactly how to put on a show out of washing powder testing. Master in unmasking imperfections of products and commercials. TubeRaiders channel with his brother SciFun. Travelling is a very broad term, which includes urban exploring. An abandoned mine in the US? Chernobyl? Inaccessible sewers under the city of Poznań? You do not have to convince them long to set out on such journeys. The more further, darker and more mysterious the adventure, the better!


Maciej „Wapniak” Wapiński develops the biggest channel on self development in Poland. On his own example, he shows how to develop and improve your life. He is a man-experiment as there is nothing he would try to learn or explore. He took part in Crossfit competition, went to Greenland, overcome shyness, lost weight, performed a parachute jump, ice-bathed, learnt dynamic shooting, car drifting, poker at a professional level – only time will tell what he will do next.

Karol Paciorek

Vlogger, photographer and book writer. He is on YouTube since 2010. He created many online series. Currently, he leads the series of #KWTW – Kto Wie Ten Wie [Who Knows Knows]. He is the author of book entitled ‘Lekko Stronniczy – jeszcze więcej’ [Slightly Partial – Even More] written upon completion of the 1000th episode of the ‘Lekko Stronniczy’ series.


Globstory is a channel inspired by life abroad. Its author – Kaja – lived e.g. in Turkey and Barcelona. According to her, she does not create a typical vlog, but she share titbits, remarks and guides “not so seriously”.

Urbex History

A group of explorers drive by passion to history. They explore and film abandoned places, frequently secret or unavailable for most people. There is a historical motif in each of their materials. They visited many places in Poland, e.g. secret soviet city in Poland – Pstrąże, but also abroad: e.g. Chernobyl, the Radioactive Zone and Prypeć.


Elfik teaches drawing in her channel. She specialises in photorealism and is fascinated with psychology and philosophy of drawing. Apart from strictly tutorial materials, she shares the behind the scenes of a drawer’s life and she gives advice as to which accessories to use and which to avoid totally. Her non-typical looks and deep knowledge won her many young viewers. Some time ago she moved in Tenerife, where she continues her YouTube adventure.


Mysteries, adventures, interesting places, forgotten trails, dark legends, fascinating buildings and many, many more!


Kamil is addicted to travelling! He loves travelling and everything connected with world exploration. He tries to spend all his time actively, aiming at various regions of the world.


A channel led by real lovers of climbing. The authors talk about mountains, share details of their adventures awaiting there and show breath-taking views. The materials in the channel have their own unique style and are a must-see for all height lovers!


The only dance channel of this sort in Poland. Kaja shows how to start your dancing adventure, she gives advice how to train and what to avoid and answers the most frequently asked questions. Apart from this she films vlogs, where she visits various parts of the world.


Gold medalist of the world championship as a mental coach of the national volleyball team. The creator or co-creator of several brands, the author of the bestseller “Zarobić milion idąc pod prąd”, a professional speaker.


Martyna Tchórz and Beata Jewtuch – Polish stewardesses, living in Majorca. In addition to their passion for flying, the girls run their own YouTube channel, sharing their knowledge of the island they live since 2012, and encourage active exploration and exploration of the Balearics on their own.


Founder of Fly4free.pl. An expert on cheap flights, entrepreneur, and most importantly a traveler. He sunbathed in Seychelles and Maldives, climbed the glaciers of New Zealand and Alaska, traveled by car in the Atacama Desert in Chile and off the coast of Kazakhstan, dived in the French Polynesia lagoons and the Great Barrier Reef.


She traveled over 750,000 kilometers on board planes and visited over 70 countries before her 30th birtday. Every day in the Fly4free.pl team, privately runs an instagram profile @travelela where she presents her travels from Sumatra, Australia to Alaska. On # WTS17 she will tell and hint: how a woman can pack in hand luggage for a month’s trip!


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