Diving equipment

This is an indispensable part of every scuba diver. The so called ABC basic equipment is of course the mask, pipe and flippers. Moreover, there is air and auxiliary equipment. The times where the diver took only the diving tank and breathing apparatus under the water are long gone. The amount of auxiliary equipment currently taken for diving can give a rookie a headache. We are talking about decompression buoys, spinning wheels, torches, compass, knives, scissors, helmets, ice screws, breathing apparatuses, diving tank, diving computers and many other accessories.

MARES and many more.

Diving tours

Diving tours are connected with diving tourism. Travel agencies frequently offer diving tours connected with the so-called diving safari and more.
There are many places around the world that hide interesting nooks, starting from a beautiful coral reef in Thai bays and ending with exploring wrecks in Polish waters of the Baltic Sea.

Diving tourism

The major destinations of diving tourism are as follows: Egypt, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Spain, Malta, Indonesia, Mexico, Australia, the Caribbean, the Philippines, Malaysia and Micronesia.
We cannot forget about Poland: the diving spots here are aplenty. Diving centres distributed across Poland allow tourists to go to Masurian Lakes, Kashubian Lake District and the Baltic sea.

Diving schools

In Poland, diving is becoming a more and more popular form of recreation. There are many diving schools in Poland and an experienced diving staff will help you dive deep into that activity. You can obtain licences in diving schools which allow you to get down to water freely. The most popular diving licences are PADI, CMAS, SSI.